Social Media Brief
As part of our comprehensive social media management service, we encourage clients to actively contribute content to the 'Client Uploads' folder in the Google Drive provided. This includes a wide range of materials such as owner videos, images, personalized content, job updates, current and old assets, before and after shots, brand materials, logos, and anything else relevant to their brand identity. We enforce the importance of labeling and titling files, as well as creating organized folders within their designated space. In addition to client-provided content, we supplement with mixed content stock images sourced from our trusted accounts. This collaborative approach ensures a dynamic and engaging social media presence tailored to their unique brand. *We suggest uploading content weekly (or daily if possible) because we can run into some image duplicates from previous months posts. High resolution (raw, orignal files) videos can work wonders as our team can extract several screenshots from the same job and use them for several posts.

Private contact info:

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We need this information so that we can login and set everything up easily. Otherwise we will need to get in a meeting with you to walk you through adding us as an Agency to manage your existing FB Page, Google Ads accounts, etc.

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List your business, website, or public figure name.
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All plans include posting to (2) platforms. Each additional platform will add $100/month.
*The Superstar Plan ensures that your posts are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, along with additional posts for holidays.
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